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23 Feb 2018

February 23, 2018

Priyanka Chopra breaks ties with Nirav Modi over allegations of Rs 11,400 crore fraud

Priyanka Chopra breaks ties with Nirav Modi over allegations of Rs 11,400 crore fraud
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Nirav Modi has been dominating headlines in the last few days, after it emerged that he allegedly committed fraud worth around Rs 11,400 crore.

It is alleged that the celebrated jewellery designer obtained off-the-books Letters of Understanding from two employees of Punjab National Bank and encashed them overseas.

It was only this month that the bank found out about the fraudulent transactions to the tune of approximately Rs 11,400 crore and alerted the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). However, it was discovered that Nirav Modi and his family had already fled the country.

Priyanka Chopra, who had been the brand ambassador of Nirav Modi's jewellery line since early 2017, has now distanced herself from the disgraced jewellery designer.

"In light of recent allegations, Priyanka Chopra has chosen to terminate her contract with the Nirav Modi brand," the actress's spokesperson told ANI.

Incidentally, when she had come on board as the brand ambassador, Priyanka had called their association "like a meeting of minds in many ways".

When Nirav Modi's alleged involvement in the Punjab National Bank fraud was first reported, there were rumours that Priyanka would be suing him. However, her spokesperson denied the reports and said that she was "seeking legal opinion on terminating her contract with the brand", given the allegations of financial fraud.

21 Feb 2018

February 21, 2018

Class 8 Student Asks Teacher For Candle Light Dinner & Sex. What Has Happened To Kids Today?

We may have been thanking technology for making our lives easy and comfortable but it has also affected our lives in a negative manner and the most affected are the kids of today.

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A student of Class VII went online and posted a threat message of raping his teacher and her daughter and this happened in a very famous school of Gurugram. The daughter of the teacher and the boy are in the same class. While in another incident, a student of class VIII wrote a mail to his teacher and asked her to go out with him on a candle light dinner date, ending up in sex.

These two incidents took place last week and the teacher who was threatened has returned to school but her daughter is too afraid to attend the school.
The name of the school has not been disclosed in order to protect the identity of teachers and students.

School issued a statement in which it said,
“This is an incident involving a lower middle school student allegedly indulging in an offensive and highly objectionable cyber prank involving a teacher. A thorough investigation was carried out and stern action was taken, including suspension along with mandated counselling. The school has a zero-tolerance policy towards such acts.”

However, Shakuntala Dhull, the child welfare committee chairperson, has taken the suo motu cognizance of both the incidents. She said,

“A notice will be sent to the school and children. They will be called and asked about the entire incident. Counselling sessions will be taken of the school authorities, including the teachers and kids.”

The leading daily TOI talked to many school principals and majority of them said that it is not just the only incident; it is the dissatisfaction and frustration that is increasing in the students and parents need to play more proactive role with their kids at home.

Ankita Makkar, principal of HDFC School, said,
“Today, kids are exposed to so many gadgets that they tend to get aggressive. We don’t know what they are watching or the sites they are visiting.”

Arti Chopra, principal of Amity International School said,
“The child must have been uncomfortable, secluded at home, and not able to talk to anyone. These are the outbursts of such students who are emotionally not strong. They are not brought up in the right manner by the parents.”

Some other emphasize on making counselling as part of the curriculum.
Sumeet Nath, administrator of institutions Baptist Church Trust Association (BCTA), stated,

“There should be policy-level intervention by the government and all stakeholders, wherein experts counsel students as part of the curriculum and an open dialogue is started with this generation regarding handling of issues, which our conservative society wants to brush under the carpet.”
While this is the opinion of Shweta Sharma, clinical psychologist, Columbia Asia Hospital,

“Teachers are very satisfied in teaching good and bad touch to students but don’t know how to handle kids. Most of the schools in the city don’t have proper counsellors. There are no counselling sessions for teachers. A different approach is needed to teach students today. Teachers should move beyond books and try to know what is going on in the mind of the child.”
Counselling psychologist of Prarambh, Radhika Radhakrishnan, said,

“We need to control what the kids are watching, keep a tab on their internet activity. Parents need to get involved.”
We do agree with the views given above and parents also need to be more proactive in their approach. What do you say?

20 Feb 2018

February 20, 2018

Muslim youth files complaint against Director for hurting religious sentiment

Hyderabad: Falaknuma Police on Wednesday registered a case for hurting religious sentiments of Muslims against the director of a Malayalam movie, whose song featuring actress Priya Prakash Varrier has gone viral.

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A group of Muslim youth from Vattepally area in Falaknuma registered a case against the director of Malayalam movie who alleged that the lyrics are blasphemous as there is a mention of Prophet Muhammed in the song.

According to the Falaknuma ACP Mr. Faiyaz, the case was registered on a complaint by Abdul Muqeet and others, who alleged that the names of Prophet Mohammad and his wife Bibi Khateeja were used in the song. They sought immediate ban on the song as it hurt their religious sentiments.

The ACP said the police were investigating the case and appropriate action would be taken after taking legal opinion and ascertaining the facts.
February 20, 2018

Idea Rs. 109 Recharge Offers 'Unlimited' Calls, 1GB Data for 14 Days to Take on Jio Rs. 98 Pack

Idea Rs. 109 Recharge Offers 'Unlimited' Calls, 1GB Data for 14 Days to Take on Jio Rs. 98 Pack
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Jio set the market alight with its ultra-low cost data plans when it started operations, and the benefits continue even a year and and half after its launch. While Jio focuses on its data network, the unlimited bundled calls it offers are also an attractive proposition for subscribers across the country; the company has the Rs. 98 recharge with unlimited calls and 2GB 4G data for 28 days for such customers. It was no surprise when Airtel followed suit and upgraded its Rs. 93 pack to provide customers with unlimited calls and 1GB data for 28 days. Now it is Idea which has launched a plan to compete with Jio and Airtel with its own affordable plan with unlimited calls and bundled data.

According to the official Idea Cellular website, the Rs. 109 prepaid pack offers 'unlimited' local, STD, and roaming calls, alongside 1GB of 4G/ 3G data and daily 100 local and national SMS. The voice calls through the pack are limited to 250 minutes per day and 1,000 minutes per week, identical to other 'unlimited' packs. Furthermore, beyond the bundled calls, subscribers will be charged at 1 paisa per second for calls.

The pack is available in a few circles, including Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Bihar and Jharkhand, Gujarat, Haryana, and Karnataka, among others. The availability of 4G/ 3G data is subject to the network rollout. Subscribers can recharge their accounts with the new Rs. 109 pack either through the operator's official site or via My Idea app.

Earlier this week, Idea revised its Nirvana Postpaid plans to offer additional data benefits at existing charges. The plans that have been revised include the Rs. 499, Rs. 649, Rs. 999, Rs. 389, Rs. 1,299, Rs. 1,699, Rs. 1,999, and Rs. 2,999. While the lowest among all the plans, the Rs. 398 plan, offers 20GB of data - up from 10GB, the Rs. 2,999 plan comes with 300GB of data for a month.
February 20, 2018

What is Telekinesis?

Do you think it is possible to pick it up, if the pen is dropped in such a position that you have to leave your chair in order to pick it? For most of us, it is impossible. But, many people claim that they can do this by just using their mind, what they call “Telekinesis”.

How to do Telekinesis
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What is Telekinesis ?

Telekinesis is the ability of moving things with your mind without any physical touch. The word telekinesis is derived from the words “Tele” which means “far away” and “kinesis” meaning ” a movement”. It sometimes also called as ” Mind over Matter “.

Is Telekinesis Possible ?

The answer to whether telekinesis is possible or not is a mixture of both yes and no. Many psychic persons proved this ability in many experiments conducted by research institutes, but the results proved to be positive only in certain conditions which made skeptics to have disbelief in this ability.

But, the research on telekinesis is still going on as well as on other parapsychology subjects. I believe that telekinesis exist, everybody have that ability and can develop those powers with profound telekinesis training. But due to our living standards, we limited ourselves and cease to develop telekinesis.

How to do telekinesis ?

To develop telekinetic abilities, you need to have a good training backing up with undivided attention and concentration. The only thing stops us to learn telekinesis is our limiting beliefs. Belief and the ability to focus without getting distracted is the main concern in developing telekinesis.

For any abilities to learn in psychokinesis, the main criteria required is the ability to focus. So, before learning to develop other psychokinetic abilities, it is better to start with telekinesis which is simple when compared to others. I recommend to read my another article on how to telekinesis before proceeding further.

Tips for practicing telekinesis:

Meditate : Meditate everyday to calm your mind. Calming your mind is the essential step in telekinesis training. Meditation relaxes your mind and improves your concentration and focus. In order to connect your energy with the objects around you, you must have a clear mind. It is better that you master meditation before training in telekinesis.Concentrate : To learn how to concentrate, start staring at any object on the wall for as long as you can without distracting your mind or letting your eyes to look away from the object. Do this until you are able to concentrate for at least 10 minutes.Practice Often: You must practice this very often to get used to it but not daily. It is better to give rest in between days otherwise it will strain you much.Be Patient : Learning telekinesis like any other activity cannot be achieved within few practices. It may take anything from few hours to many years. Most people spend a lot of time in practicing and when they are unsuccessful, they either claim it to be fake or impossible. You must have patience and dedication to successfully achieve moving objects with your mind.Binaural Beats : Certain binaural beats really help you in triggering particular Theta Brainwave activity that correspond to particular consciousness state in which telekinetic and other psychic abilities occur. I recommend you using this technology which set right brainwaves and helps you to learn telekinesis effectively.Believe : The last and most important step is to believe in the possibility and belief in yourself. If you cannot believe that you can do or if you think it is impossible, then you cannot achieve the results. Know that telekinesis is real and you are born with those abilities.
Telekinesis Training:

Now we move to the actual training of telekinesis and how we can do it. Follow the steps below on daily basis and continue until you see the results.

Take an Object :
  • Do enjoy the training process
  • Do feel optimistic
  • Do accept the information that comes through your senses
  • Do suspend your rational and analyzing part of mind
  • Do accept changes in your awareness or perception of something
  • Do TK when you are feeling energized and having positive emotions
  • Don’t try to force the process
  • Don’t try to connect with the object you dislike
  • Don’t take drugs or alcohol for getting in to the trance state
  • Don’t try to do TK when you are tired
  • Don’t worry about the result
  • Don’t get frustrated if you do not see results soon

Now you have to get some object which is very light, such as a piece of paper or feather or match sticks. The most common way to start for beginners is with a paper, making a psi wheel. Psi wheel can be made by cutting a square-shaped piece of paper, folding it vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Now, place this paper on a needle attached to any stand as shown below.Meditate :Now meditate for a few minutes to relax your mind and body. Any type of meditation goes well but your mind must be completely calm and peace. Mindful meditation is also a very good to consider. It would be more helpful if you can learn to open your hand chakras.

Investigate on Object :

Now take your object you want to work with and observe each and every details of it. Look at the object as you have never seen it before. Read the details of the object, how it looks, how it feels, how it smells and even how it tastes. Get the strong connection between you and the object. Without a connection, it is impossible to move it how hard you may try. Also, move the object with your hands to and fro for some time so that it imprints on to your subconscious mind.

Establish a Connection :

Now focus on the connection you have just made with the object and visualize in your mind. Remember and visualize how the object felt and how it moves keeping focus on it by gazing. Try to establish a connection that the object is within you. Visualize until you feel the object as one of your arms. This sounds impractical, but with training you can feel this connection.

Move the Object :

Once connection is made, now you can move the object in the same way you move your arms. This connection can also be used to bend objects. For bending an object, it would be easy if you have your object in your hands and making a connection. Once you are familiar with bending objects in your hands, then you can try to bend an object which is kept at a distance from you.

You can also use an objects like pens or pencils which can roll easily. Another exercise you can use is bending a flame of a candle. As it is very light, it will be easy for you to manipulate firebefore bending heavy objects.

Telekinesis is not a magic thing. It is a science. Everything in the universe is energy and we are all made up of with the same energy. This energy helps us to make connection through our body with the object and helps us to manipulate it. We all do have this ability and we just need to awaken them. Instead of saying “to learn telekinesis“, it is better to say “to awake telekinesis” within us.